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Elitpak's human resources policy is fair, transparent and giving a voice, where employees find opportunities to reveal their potential, each employee contributes to Elitpak's future by creating value and is valued, high-performance, development-oriented, exhibiting a strong and effective leadership in every field, It aims to create a happy, productive, successful and healthy workforce with high corporate culture and commitment.


In this context, our basic human resources policy is to increase our productivity with systems and practices that provide opportunities and contributions to the development of our employees, their motivation, job satisfaction and happiness.

As Elitpak Ambalaj, our aim is;

For candidates applying to us;

  • To bring them together with the tasks that are most suitable for them and from which we will get the highest efficiency,

For our employees;

  • increase their satisfaction,

  • To increase their loyalty to the institution,

  • increase their productivity,

  • To create an environment that will allow them to develop themselves,

  • To ensure their direct or indirect participation in decision making.

We strongly believe in the necessity of building the intellectual and creative capacity necessary for our company to continue its activities by investing in the career goals of our employees.

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